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Request a Support Letter

Requests to Provide Support for Grants

CareerSource Northeast Florida is happy to consider requests to provide support for grants relating to workforce development and training opportunities.

There are several levels of collaboration with partners, including:

  • Endorsement of the partnership and grant concept as outlined
  • Providing assistance for the project, including recruiting workers, trainees or business partners    
  • Serving as a grant recipient or required partner    
  • Providing material support for the project, such as funding, space or other in-kind resources

If your partnership is asking CareerSource to serve as a required partner, grant recipient, or provide material support, we will need to have sufficient lead time to fully understand your project and clarify our role. We usually request about two weeks’ lead time for this process, and will request a full copy of the draft grant proposal and budget before we make a decision.


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Are you asking CareerSource for funding or material support for this project?
**If your partnership is asking for CareerSource to serve as a required partner or grant recipient, or provide material support, attach a draft of the full grant request and budget.
Attach draft / template of the letter of support (including addressee information):
If yes, briefly outline request and attach full budget for the project.

For more information, contact Dianna Davis, (904) 213-3800, ext. 2180.


Contact us to see if our organization is the right partner for your project or grant.