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TANF Work Registration


CareerSource Online TANF Work Registration


This orientation and work registration process is for residents of Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam and St. Johns counties only.

Welcome to the TANF online work registration. Before completing the online orientation, you must first apply for TANF on the ACCESS Florida Web site through the Florida Department of Children and Families. Click below to apply if you haven’t done so already:

Access Florida


Only complete this orientation AFTER you have applied for TANF benefits. 

Please read all the information below. You’ll need an email address to communicate with your caseworker. Click below to register for a free email address with Google, Yahoo or other email providers. 

Google Mail   Yahoo Mail 

Hotmail    Outlook Online

We want to process your application as quickly as possible. Help us help you by carefully completing each step. Not completing a step will only delay your application for TANF. Remember, only completed applications can be approved by the Department of Children and Families. You will not receive cash benefits until your application is approved.   

It is important that you have a personal email address.  After being approved for TANF, most communication between you and your caseworker will take place via email or scheduled call-in appointments. Agreeing to use email as a method to talk with us will reduce the number of scheduled visits to our centers, allow us to provide you with quicker service and will allow you to send and receive information more quickly. 

If you need help in setting up a personal email, or need assistance in completing this process, you can visit any of our CareerSource Career Centers or Mobile Access Points. Find a list of these sites on our location page.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly at any point in the work registration process, you have the right to file a grievance.  Here is the grievance form:  GRIEVANCE FORM

TANF Work Registration Process

In order to complete the TANF Work Registration Process, you must complete each of the steps listed below.  

Each of the below steps may take up to 30 minutes or more to complete; please make sure you have access to a computer with high speed internet for at least this amount of time.


Step One: Register in Employ Florida

(Completing this step will provide us with information that will help us to serve you better.)


  • Go to: and click on “register." This will give you step-by-step registration instructions
  • The more information you enter into Employ Florida, the more likely you are to find suitable jobs.  
  • Make sure you take time to enter information:
    - Personal Information
    - Building an online resume
    - Past employment history
    - Your skills
  • Apply for at least (3) jobs that match your skills in the Employ Florida system

Step Two: Complete the Assessment Form

(This step will allow you to create an online resume and search for jobs)

Step Three: Online Work Registration Orientation

(This step will advise you about the TANF program)

  • Go to:
  • Review the orientation information
  • On the “Thank You” slide, click on the “Sign & Finish” tab.
  • Click on “I Agree” after reviewing “Opportunities & Obligations" form
  • Fully complete the last page and click the “Submit” box


Step Four: Meet with CareerSource Staff

(This step will be scheduled by CareerSource staff upon completion of the above steps.)
  • You will be scheduled to attend an Initial Intake workshop and case review where you will complete documents and forms.
  • You will be assigned to and meet with a CareerSource staff member.
  • You will be given instructions on what comes next. 

Attending this workshop will complete your work registration process with CareerSource.


It is very important that you complete all the steps above. When all of these steps have been completed, we will notify the Department of Children & Families that you have completed the TANF Work Registration process. If you feel you are not capable of completing any part of this process, please email us at

Once you are approved for TANF, you will be scheduled for a call-in or group appointment with a CareerSource caseworker. 


In some cases, a family may be able to avoid applying for TANF by receiving help in addressing an immediate emergency situation. If the emergency is avoided, you may be in a better position to obtain or keep a job. An Up-front Diversion is an alternative to cash assistance and may be what you need. If you believe an Up-front Diversion would help you, and you feel you may qualify for one, please email us at for more information. 

You will need to complete the Up-Front Diversion form if you qualify.