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​Welfare Transition Program (TANF)

Welfare Transition Program (TANF)

Based on information received from the Department of Children and Families (DCF), you have been referred to CAREERSOURCE NORTHEAST FLORIDA.

To complete your Work Registration  

•Log into the One Stop Tracking System (OSST) at  
•You  will log in as a new user and enter the following information 
• Your social security number  with no dashes or spaces 
•Your date of birth month/ date/ year and the 5 - digit zip code you  used when applying for benefits

You will need to complete the following task in  the OSST 

1. Online Orientation - information about the program 
2. Needs and Barrier Assessment

Register in Employ Florida at 
•Update or create a resume in Employ Florida 
•Complete the match your skills assessments to include job skills and personal skill on the Employ Florida website. 
DUVAL COUNTY CUSTOMERS ONLY follow the instructions below 
After you have completed the 3 steps above call 213-3900  to reserve a seat for the applicant workshop to be held at 300 East Monroe Street on Wednesdays at 9:30am..

Once you have completed work registration and receiving benefits you are referred as a mandatory participant in the Welfare Transition (WT) program.

In order for us to help you take the next steps towards finding employment and becoming self-sufficient, we must meet with you to assess your employment goals, barriers to becoming employed, and to complete your Individual Responsibility Plan (IRP). 

Review the instructions below, as it is important that you complete the steps listed by the date listed on the Notice of Mandatory Participation Letter you received in the mail.

Step 1:  Complete the Initial Assessment

  • Log in to the One Stop Service Tracking (OSST) system at this link Use the login information you used when you completed your online orientation and needs and barrier assessment.
  • The initial assessment must be completed before you can meet with a Career Manager.  This assessment will ask you about your education, skills and employment history

If you do not know your login information, go to the link above and click on “forgot” to retrieve your user ID and/or reset your password.

  • If you did not complete orientation before getting this letter, go to the URL, click “New User” and follow the instructions to set up your password to complete the Initial Assessment.  

Step 2: Schedule your intake appointment   

  • Call (904) 213-3900 to schedule your intake appointment, this must be completed within (7) seven days of receiving your Notice of Mandatory Participation Letter.

Baker County
CareerSource NEFL Career Center
1184 South 6th Street
Macclenny, FL 32063
Phone: (904) 259-9309
Fax: (904) 259-7702
Directions @ Google Maps

Clay County
CareerSource NEFL Career Center
1845 Town Center Blvd., Suite 150
Fleming Island, FL 32003
Phone: (904) 213-3888
Fax: (904) 278-5696
Directions @ Google Maps

Duval County
215 N. Market Street, Suite 340
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 798-9229
Fax: (904) 359-6756
Directions @ Google Maps

Nassau County
CareerSource NEFL Career Center
96042 Lofton Square Court
Yulee, FL 32097
Phone: (904) 432-0009
Fax: (904) 277-7219
Directions @ Google Maps

Putnam County
CareerSource NEFL Career Center
400 Highway 19 North, Ste. 53
Palatka, FL 32177
Phone: (386) 530-7089
Fax: (386) 682-3150
Directions @ Google Map

St. Johns County
CareerSource NEFL Career Center
525 State Road 16, Suite 109
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 819-0231
Fax: (904) ​516-9211
Directions @ Google Maps

Step 3:
Attend the intake workshop/meet your case manager 

  • The workshop starts at 9:00am
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early
  • Children are not allowed  
  • Plan about 1-3 hours for the workshop
  • Free parking is available at all locations

Instructions for a Sanction Lift Request

Penalty (Sanction) Levels and penalty periods

  • Level 1 Penalty, loss of TCA for 10-days or until customer complies with the WTP program.
  • Level 2 Penalty, loss of TCA for one month or until customer complies with the WTP program, whichever is longer.
  • Level 3 Penalty, loss of TCA for three months or until customer complies with the WTP program, whichever is longer.

If your case has been sanctioned and you have served the penalty (sanction) period  complete the step below:

Include the following information in your email 

  • Your first and last name
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • A phone number where you can be reached

After you have emailed  , look for a reply email with further instructions from the CareerSource staff. Please wait at least 2 business days for a reply you’re your email. 

What happens once you are receiving cash benefits 

 This is a work program, everyone is required to participate at some level.

Participation Requirements

Once you have been assigned a case manager you will be required to participate and turn in documentation. The date these documents are due will be on the Individual Responsibility Plan you (IRP) you create with your case work.

You are required to complete _______ hours each week, a total of hours ________each month:

Refer to your IRP for which assignments you are required to complete.


Contact DCF & CareerSource within ten days of becoming employed. Have your employer complete the Employment verification form (see form below) and return it to the CareerSource NEFL office.

Job Search/Job Readiness

You can search for employment

•       Using Employ Florida  or  other employment sites such as Indeed,  Career Builders or Monster.
•       Attending job fairs and job recruitments
•       Applying in person 


You can use the following websites to complete your assigned hours 

•        Attend a vocational training program, enroll in a GED program, use or online education sites such as ALISON which is located on Employ Florida website or 21 CENTURY  
(link ) to increase your basic skills, computer skills, or work place skills.

•       Self -initiated vocational and educational training may be considered; you will need to provide documentation of enrollment on letterhead from your school, a course of study with hours. Additional documentation may be needed. (Online classes that cannot be verified by staff will not be accepted.) 

•       Additional online sites can be approved through your case manager 

Community Service/ Work Experience

•       Must be completed at an approved non-profit organization

Transportation Assistance

If you are interested in receiving help with your job searching efforts, participating in activities you must complete the assigned activities outlined on your IRP. Once the information has been verified. The transportation coordinator will input an order to be delivered to your WT visa card with one – two weeks.  

Work Activity Forms
- (Downloadable forms here)


If you have a medical condition that prevents you from working:

You must a License Doctor not a APRN to complete a medical verification form, the form must be completed every six (6) months if it is a permanent condition and every three (3) months if it is not.

Even though you may have a medical condition that may prevents you for working, you are still required to complete certain activities each month as assigned by your case manager to continue to receive benefits. What activities you are assigned is on a case by case basis.

If you are the sole care giver of a disabled person living in your home, you are responsible for providing documentation to DCF, you will be provided two weeks from the date of your intake appointment to have your status changed after which you will be required to fully participate. 

Transitional Services

Please speak to your case manager regarding services for employed participant. You may be eligible for:

·         Child Care
·         Quarterly Transportation Stipend
·         Assistance with some employment supplies, certifications.  

All transitional cases must meet certain criteria and be approved by the supervisor to receive the benefits above.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that you have completed Work Registration here are your next steps

After your cash is approved by DCF you will receive a Notice of Mandatory Action Letter in the mail which requires you to log on to the OSST Client website again and completed the 2nd part of the assessment. 

You will then be required to call CareerSource NEFL at (904) 213-3900 to be scheduled for an intake workshop. 

Attend the Intake Workshop where you meet your case manager, assigned an activity and receive referrals for services such as child care. 

CareerSource NEFL sends DCF an alert that you completed work registration (24-48 hours from today’s date)

DCF processes your case (10-30 days)

Once your cash assistance is approved the money is placed on your ACCESS CARD

A Notice of Mandatory Action Letter prints and mailed to your address on record with DCF

Complete the 2nd Part of the assessment then Call CareerSource NEFL at 904-213-3900 to be scheduled for an Intake workshop after you receive your cash and the letter.


Reschedule your intake appointment

Call (904) 213-3900 to reschedule. You are permitted one time to reschedule your intake appointment. You must reschedule for the next available workshop. Exceptions to this rule may apply with supervisor approval.  ____________________________________________________________________________

Contact your caseworker


Submit Documents to any CareerSource Location (by 5:00 Friday) with case manager’s name on documents or  Fax: (904) 798-4759

Call Center Phone: (904) 213-3900                               

DCF: (866) 762-2237


Need information about your case

Contact DCF

Regarding payments, changes in your household, change in where you live and/ or contact information, recertification, fair hearing etc..

Contact CareerSource NEFL

If you have a sanction and want to have it lifted after serving your penalty period contact CareerSource NEFL.

 Who is your case manager?


Can I get childcare

Yes, if you have attended intake and your case manager has assigned you to work activities. Only participants that are actively participating in work activities assigned by CareerSource are eligible.  

Request / Discuss childcare with your case manager


Unable to participate due to Illness or a scheduled appointment

Contact your case manager as soon as possible to avoid a possible penalty on your case.


You have received a pre-penalty letter in the mail

 A pre-penalty letter suggested you have failed to do something you were required to do by a certain date. This letter is an attempt to get you back into compliance with the program. You must call and speak with your case manager before the deadline indicated on the letter. ____________________________________________________________________________

Your address, phone number and/or email has changed

Contact both DCF and CareerSource NEFL to update your information and to receive documentation regarding your case. ____________________________________________________________________________

You no longer want to receive cash assistance (opt off)

Contact DCF to inform them of your decision to no longer receive cash assistance. Please note that you are required to participate fully in month(s) you receive assistance. Example You receive cash January 10-  if you decide you no longer want cash after the 15th of the month you will be required to participate the entire month of Jan and February to avoid a penalty sanction on your case.  

I can’t get into the OSST system to:

Work Register – your case must be open, if you have just completed your phone interview with DCF please wait 24-48 hours then using the steps provided under “Work Registration” try again.

Check the information you are entering: What zip code did you apply for benefits under? 


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