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CareerSource NEFL Summer Jobs Program

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​CareerSource NEFL Summer Jobs Program

CareerSource Northeast Florida is excited to announce the 2019 Summer Program. This 6-week program connects young adults with employment opportunities ​and workforce lessons. They’ll also gain valuable information on career pathing and the necessary work skills to meet future employment and career goals. 


DATES: June 10 – July 19, 2019


·       Employment readiness training
·       Financial literacy training
·       Career Choices
·       Six-weeks on the job work experience


·       Young adults ages 16-21
·       Meets minimum Income requirement
·       Successfully completes screening process

Online application open March 1st – 31st

Instructions for application: Open the form and fill in your information. Save the completed form to your computer hard drive using your first initial and last name as the file name. (JSMITH.pdf)
Upload the completed application using the
 secure link below.

Application for the CSNEFL Summer Program

You will not be able to apply using your cell phone you will need a computer.

to upload the application

PLEASE NOTE: This is a competitive process with limited opportunities. Submitting your application does not guarantee placement in a position. If you are selected to participate, you will be notified via email and / or text with the next steps in the process. Please ensure your emails do not go into your spam account.

For questions or more information, email us at

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