What does 2010 hiring look like?

Florida experts say that we should see some improvement in the hiring picture by mid-2010.  According to employment firm Manpower Inc.’s quarterly outlook survey, only 7 percent of Jacksonville area employers surveyed plan additions to their payrolls in the first quarter of 2010, while 16 percent plan to cut staff.  (Keep in mind that some of the layoffs will be due to the end of seasonal and holiday work.) Another 75 percent expect to maintain current staffing levels; 2 percent are unsure.  Manpower says that job prospects appear best in the non-durable goods manufacturing, professional and business services and leisure and hospitality industry sectors. Employers in construction, durable goods manufacturing, transportation and utilities, wholesale and retail trade, financial activities and government are planning cutbacks.  Don’t forget that companies may be replacing workers even if they aren’t adding jobs; new job creation is just one part of hiring activity.    Focus on what you can control – your impeccable job search!

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