State approves TECO Peoples Gas pipeline in Nassau County

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January 6, 2020

(Courtesy: Jacksonville Business Journal)

The Florida Public Service Commission approved on Tuesday the TECO Peoples Gas pipeline that will run through Nassau County.

The Callahan Pipeline project is an effort to increase capacity and serve more gas customers in the region.

Peoples Gas President T.J. Szelistowski said the approval will allow the company to keep up with the region’s growth and increasing demand for natural gas.

The pipeline is a joint project between SeaCoast Gas Transmission and Florida Public Utilities affiliate Peninsula Pipeline Co. Inc.

The pipeline is a $65 million project; however, the company is investing $100 million in the area overall for system improvements and expansions. The $65 million is being split 50-50 by the partners, and TECO is investing further in separate projects.

The company has more than 30,000 customers in the region, with JEA as their largest customer.

TECO Vce President of Business Development Timothy O’Connor said that Jacksonville is TECO Peoples Gas’ fastest growing region, in terms of general demand and new developments. The project will include minor disruptions because the pipeline will run along Route FL-200.

Aside from the residential growth, O’Connopr said Jacksonville’s growing LNG market also motivated the company to bring more natural gas capacity into the region.

O’Connor believes that the LNG market presents Jacksonville with a unique opportunity to differentiate itself from other port towns. If Jacksonville can solidify its place as a small-scale export hub and on-land storage with liquefaction capabilities, O’Connor believes that the market will continue to grow and propel the city.

The pipeline is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

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