Tools To Create Your Own Job

Tools To Create Your Own Job

Tools to help you

What are you best at? Do you have a way with kids? Like to work outdoors? Love animals? Are you organized? Creative? Keep in mind that one of the definitions of “work” is something that other people are willing to pay someone else to do.

Below are some simple templates:

You can post fliers at a community center, library, or local business (with permission) or drop them off at homes in your target area.

Babysitting Templates:

Babysitting Services 1 WordIcon (3)

+ Babysitting Services 2 WordIcon (3)

+ Babysitting 1 Black and WhiteWordIcon (3)

+ Babysitting 2 Black and WhiteWordIcon (3)

Car Care:

+ Car Care ServicesWordIcon (3)

+ Car Care Black and WhiteWordIcon (3)

Computer Services:

+ IT Services WordIcon (3)

Pet Care:

Pet Care FlyerWordIcon (3)

Yard Work:

Yard Work FlyerWordIcon (3)

You don’t have to be a professional designer to get your message across; your material just needs to be neat and readable.  At the very least, remember to  include the following:

• Your name and contact information (phone and email)
• Your services (and hours, if appropriate)
• Your pricing
• Your unique selling point, if you have one (weekend appointments available; free pickup and delivery; cleanup after the job at no charge)

For Your Record Keeping

+ Call Log  WordIcon (3)

+ Customer Log WordIcon (3)

+ Receipt template WordIcon (3)

+ References for your business WordIcon (3)

Sample Business Plans

+ Cutting Grass Sample Business Plan  PDF_dowload_icon

+ Tutoring Sample Business Plan PDF_dowload_icon