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Apprenticeship Programs

Retain quality workers with a Registered Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeships have been used for many years to train new employees in specialized trades like shipbuilding and electrical work.

Now, employers in diverse industries are starting up apprenticeship programs as a way to attract quality people to their businesses.

In these “We’re Here to Help” videos, listen as CareerSource Northeast Florida Apprenticeship Navigator Doreen Lund explains how apprenticeships work and how she can help employers both fund and set up their first apprenticeship programs – and why job seekers should consider this great ‘earn while you learn’ alternative to the traditional four-year college degree.

Apprenticeships are quickly GROWING in popularity in all industries.

Leaders at the state and federal levels are promoting this proven model to help employers attract and retain competent workers, as well as assist job seekers with higher level training without college debt.

With over 13,000 apprentices and 250 registered programs in Florida alone, we look forward to continue growing this model on the First Coast.

Some employer benefits:

  • Improved employee loyalty and retention, less turnover
  • Lower salary in the beginning, with growth over-time as skills increase
  • Positive ROI – average $1.50 return for every $1 invested
  • Quality Assurance through industry certifications
  • Employer led – custom training for your organization
  • Increased workforce diversity
  • A knowledgeable and skilled workforce for Florida’s future economic growth

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