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Ready, Willing & Able

Together we can determine if training is right for you.

We understand that what everyone wants eventually is a great job with potential for the future. With the economy here in Northeast Florida heating up, most people can find their next great job with the skills and experience they already have.

In some cases, they may need help understanding the market or connecting with employers. Please visit a CareerSource NEFL Career Center that is most convenient to you.

Ask to speak to a career coach who can help you understand what career path might be the best route to your success.

Training may be a part of your plan; as we work together, we can figure that out.

If you qualify for training, the Learn, Return & Earn workforce training program connects you to industry-recognized certifications, which lead to employment in high-demand occupations and industries. See our training partner list here.

You may qualify for a training scholarship if:

  • You have been laid off from your job or have received notice that your job will be eliminated.
  • You qualify based on income (including if you have been laid off and have taken a short-term or part-time job.)
  • You commit to a structured plan for career transition, working with one of our career coaches to decide whether training is the right step for you.

We fund scholarships after determining that applicants are eligible and suitable for training. We do a comprehensive assessment process to make sure you will succeed in your course of study.

The Regional Demand Occupations List (RDOL) is developed as a tool to help the regional workforce organization understand the needs of the local business community. The RDOL is reviewed and adjusted annually and helps us prioritize training funding and allocate resources based on demand for high growth and emerging occupations. The list is developed by using available labor market data as a starting point. Then CareerSource asks for input from education partners, businesses, and industry associations about which occupations might need to be added or taken off the list. A significant local event, such as the announcement of a new large employer or layoffs by a major employer, may also prompt a review of the list and adjustments.

Here is the list of occupations approved for training: 2020-2021 Regional Demand Occupations List.

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