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904 356-JOBS (5627) • Book an Appointment


Providing Opportunities for America’s Youth

Young people who work after school and during the summer stay in school and don’t get into trouble as much as those who don’t work. Companies that hire these workers help build stronger communities.

  • Fill the talent pipeline. Create more and better future workers.
  • Teach young people about your industry and company.
  • Build company loyalty. Young people may become customers/champions of companies they know and admire.

Summer Employment

CareerSource NEFL helps connect youth with summer employment opportunities on the First Coast.

Visit Employ Florida to post your openings.


Internships & Job Shadowing

If your company is offering internships or opportunities for students and recent graduates to learn more about their chosen industry by shadowing someone in the industry today, CareerSource NEFL can help connect young workers to your program.

Are you a working man or woman or business-owner interested in sharing your story with our future workforce or letting youth participate in a job shadow at your business? Please email Rhonda Bryant or Terri Singleton.

Helpful information on Youth & Labor laws

Getting help just got easier

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