904 356-JOBS (5627)

904 356-JOBS (5627)


Employment for Military Spouses

More than 25,000 active duty personnel call Northeast Florida home. Many active-duty members are married, and these spouses comprise a significant part of Jacksonville’s dynamic workforce.

Our representatives are right on base at the Family Service Center. We also understand the military lifestyle, so our experience and advice are targeted at military family issues. We focus on portable careers (jobs that can transfer from one part of the country to another when your family changes duty stations). We understand the challenges you face, from managing schedules for military members to finding affordable child care, from developing a network to aid you in your job search to finding resources to study the local economy.

Military Family Employment Advocate

Our Military Spouse Employment Advocate works with the local military bases, Military Spouse Employment Programs, and other groups that reach out to military families.

Once you meet with us, you will have access to any of our Career Centers and the many services offered there—all free of charge. A dedicated Military Family Employment Advocate will be glad to connect you with local resources and other spouses who are already in Florida.

We can help you benefit from CareerSource NEFL’s strong presence in the community and the relationships we have. Most military families are transferred here from far away—meaning you have a limited network or local connections. We know the local market and where the jobs are, and we can help you make the connections you need.

 Click here to contact CareerSource NEFL’s Military Spouse Advocate


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