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CareerSource NEFL understands that coming into the job market today is much different from your early job search experience. For one thing, you’ve got a history.

You’ve also acquired specialized skills and credentials. You’ve developed a new perspective on what makes a job great. And you might not be working for the same reasons you were when you were young or even for the same reasons from a few years ago.

We understand that you’ve got a lot on your mind. Money matters, but so does making a difference, having time to do the things you want, and figuring out what you want to do after you retire.

In short, your path, your methods, and your outcomes may be different than the younger workers you’re competing against for jobs. We get that, and we’re here to help you find the resources designed just for you.

Resources to Assist in Your Job Search


The CareerSource Professional Network

CareerSource Professional Network offers career transition services to mid-career professionals through networking, workshops, and business partnerships. Members of this networking group are professionals with at least a 4-year degree and/or management-level experience. Join the CareerSource Professional Network.


Employ Florida

The Employ Florida Silver Edition is under the Senior Services tab on Employ Florida provides access to a variety of resources for seniors that have job postings, information geared specifically to workers that are 40 or older, and information about services and benefits for retirees.



CareerSource NEFL also partners with NCBA (The National Caucus & Center on Black Aging, Inc.) NCBA believes older adults — regardless of race, ethnicity, or status — are the fabric of our country and have earned the right to enjoy their golden years without fear or lack of resources. They can assist with employment services and other resources.


AARP Back to Work

AARP Foundation is committed to improving the financial stability of low-income older adults age 50 and older by addressing the barriers that prevent them from earning, managing, and protecting their income and financial resources. As part of its Income Impact Area, AARP Foundation focuses on interventions related to helping older adults obtain good jobs in their communities, increase their financial capability and avoid falling
victim to financial fraud and abuse.

In December 2012, AARP Foundation launched a new initiative: BACK TO WORK 50+ to increase the services and resources available to 50+ job candidates nationally and in communities and to facilitate their access to in-demand jobs.

Learn more here with BACK TO WORK 50+.