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904 356-JOBS (5627) • Book an Appointment


Help Your Employees Get the Skills They Need

For our business partners, CareerSource NEFL offers Customized Training to help employers meet the specific training needs of their existing employees.

This training is designed to meet the specific requirements of an employer. Training should relate to the introduction of new technologies, new production or service procedures, workplace literacy, or upgrading to new jobs that require additional skills.

Customized Training is generally considered ‘Short-term Training’ of one year or less.

This is also a ‘reimbursement’ program: if the program is approved, CareerSource NEFL will reimburse the employer for a percentage of the total training costs. Employers will provide at least 50% of the total training costs.

To Apply for Customized Training Funding, employers must:

  • Fall under one of the ‘demand’ Sector Industries
    • Manufacturing/Aviation
    • Healthcare
    • Logistics/Transportation
    • Finance/IT
  • Have at least one full-time employee
  • Demonstrate financial viability (and be current on all state tax obligations)
  • Provide a matching contribution to the Training Project, which will be at least 50% of the total training costs
  • Be requesting funding for a position that is considered ‘in-demand’ and listed on the Region 8 Demand Occupational List (RDOL)

Reimbursable training expenses include:

  • Instructors/Trainers’ Salaries
  • Curriculum Development
  • Textbook/Manuals
  • Materials/Supplies