Partners & Vendors

Partners & Vendors

Ways to be a CareerSource NEFL Partner/Vendor

CareerSource Northeast Florida has a variety of community and business partners that help us connect workers with support and opportunities in our region.

Education and Training Partners

CareerSource Northeast Florida funds job training and education for individuals at a variety of public and private education and training institutions in our region. Learn more about how your school can become a training vendor eligible for training scholarships through CareerSource Northeast Florida.

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Doing Business with CareerSource Northeast Florida

Are you interested in becoming a business partner with CareerSource Northeast Florida? From time to time, we issue Invitations to Negotiate (ITNs) or Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

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CareerSource Northeast Florida Advisory Council

CareerSource Northeast Florida partners with businesses and vendors in the local community to get insights, advice and feedback for our career centers and workforce system. Want to get involved in the conversation? Join our Community Partner Advisory Council.

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