Job Offers

Job Offers

Job Offers

Congratulations on preparing for success.  You're smart enough to know that getting an offer doesn’t mean your work is done.  Learn how and when to negotiate and get tips for making the offer work for you.  Learn about what to get in writing and what has to be taken on trust.  Be ready when the offer comes in.

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Ready, Set, Goals!

Keep track of your steps along the way! View the MyTrax PDF to make sure you complete all of the tasks within this Trax before moving on to the next step.

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CareerSource NEFL Orientation Videos

Learn all about the services CareerSource NEFL has available to jobseekers by viewing our online orientation. Explore individual sections or view the entire site. You can browse modules by clicking the Menu link; each modules also contain a PDF transcript if you don’t want to use the sound. If you need help accessing the site, click the disability image to find supports, including larger text and other ways to increase screen visibility.


Free Salary Calculator

If you want to earn more money, you need to know your real market value. A salary calculator will calculate your actual earning potential based on your job title, location, education and experience level.

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CareerSource Northeast Florida schedules regular workshops on job search and how to use the Employ Florida. Find a complete schedule of our workshops and events on our events calendar.