Networking means getting people involved in your search for a job and using contacts to get information about occupations and job leads.  It's one of the most essential skills in finding a job, and one that mystifies many job seekers.

We’ll give you great tips on how to build or maintain your network and provide resources on how to overcome obstacles to meeting new people.

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Learn all about the services CareerSource NEFL has available to jobseekers by viewing our online orientation. Explore individual sections or view the entire site. You can browse modules by clicking the Menu link; each modules also contain a PDF transcript if you don’t want to use the sound. If you need help accessing the site, click the disability image to find supports, including larger text and other ways to increase screen visibility.

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Learn more about Networking by watching one of the below short videos.  Requires audio.

Career Networking Success Strategies: Tim's Strategy   (6 mins.)

Why Network To Find Your Next Job  (4 mins.)

Networking Boot Camp   (9 video segment)


CareerSource Northeast Florida schedules regular workshops on job search and how to use the Employ Florida. Find a complete schedule of our workshops and events on our calendar of events.


CareerSource Northeast Florida Professional Network

Are you a professional looking for employment?

The CareerSource NEFL Professional Network offers career transition services to professional job seekers through networking, workshops and business partnerships. Meetings are held monthly and include networking opportunities along with career advice and job search tips from guest speakers.

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