Everyone knows that you have to have a good resume to get noticed for a job.  What makes a good resume?  And what makes a good resume great?  We'll connect you to resources for writing and targeting your resume, creating great cover letters and getting your resume noticed by hiring managers.

Discover great tools for updating and targeting your resume.

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Learn all about the services CareerSource NEFL has available to jobseekers by viewing our online orientation. Explore individual sections or view the entire site. You can browse modules by clicking the Menu link; each modules also contain a PDF transcript if you don’t want to use the sound. If you need help accessing the site, click the disability image to find supports, including larger text and other ways to increase screen visibility.

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Did you know that Employ Florida has a Resume Builder feature?

Use this feature to assist you in creating your Resume. Employ Florida is the official online portal for employment opportunities in Florida.

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CareerSource Northeast Florida schedules regular workshops on job search and how to use the Employ Florida. Find a complete schedule of our workshops and events on our calendar of events.


Coaching Session: Resume Review

(Available only to jobseekers in Northeast Florida.) You'll spend 20 - 30 minutes with a staff member who will go over your resume and give you tips on how to make it more effective for your job targets. Call (904) 356-JOBS (5627) to schedule an appointment at one of our career centers.  Find a list of our locations here.

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Resume Builder helps you put together a basic resume quickly. Just fill out each section and then preview/download your resume!

Your resume and cover letter are important to getting a interview. Visit our Resume and Cover Letter Library for examples. 

Below are activities to guide you on "How to Write a Resume".

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Our Cover Letter Builder makes writing a great cover letter fast and easy. Choose from one of our professionally written cover letter samples. Then, just fill in the blanks!

What is an Action Verb?

An action verb expresses achievements or something a person does in a concise, persuasive manner.

Why use Action Verbs in a Resume?

Use action verbs in resumes to describe all skills, jobs, or accomplishments. Using action verbs will allow you to highlight the tasks you can do. Word choice is critical in order to describe what you have done and to persuade potential employers to give you an interview.

In order to make a striking first impression, use action verbs as the first word of each bullet point to emphasize job descriptions in your resume.

Action Verbs for Resumes