Self Assessment

Self Assessment


SA feature - Self Assessment

Understanding yourself is the true first step in beginning a career transition. In this track, you’ll learn how your personality, skills, value system, and personal situation may impact your job search.


   Personality: Who are you? Explore personality traits and how they influence your career choices

   Values: Different things delight different people.* (Marcus Aurelius, 120-181 AD) Explore how what you care about matters when you consider career options.

   Skills: Skills are the currency used by workers. In the labor market, you receive pay in exchange for the skills that you offer and use at work. Individuals hwo can describe themselves to be a potential employer in terms of their skills are more likely to find the work that they want and enjoy. Explore how your skills will be an asset in your next job and how to showcase them for potential employers.

   Interests: When you’re interested in your work, you’re more satisfied - and you may be more successful. Explore different tasks and occupations to see what happens to you.

   Barriers: Is something holding you back? Explore how situations from your past can affect your future. Look for remedies and ways to talk about past incidents like being fired, financial troubles, or a criminal record.

   Knowledge: If training or education is the key to your future success, what’s holding you back? Learn how training can have a difference; explore training scholarships and find out about regional education partners.