Your career path will include opportunities to grow within your company.  Learn how and when to consider promotions, ask for a raise, and other ways to get ahead on the job.

Be ready for internal opportunities for advancement and learn how to get noticed inside your organization.

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Keep track of your steps along the way! View the MyTrax PDF to make sure you complete all of the tasks within this Trax before moving on to the next step.

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Coaching Session: Resume Review

(Available only to jobseekers in Northeast Florida.) You'll spend 20 - 30 minutes with a staff member who will go over your resume and give you tips on how to make it more effective for your job targets. Call (904) 356-JOBS (5627) to schedule an appointment at one of our career centers.  Find a list of our locations here.


CareerSource Northeast Florida schedules regular workshops on job search and how to use the Employ Florida. Find a complete schedule of our workshops and events on our calendar of events.

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