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How Jax LNG powers Northeast Florida’s transportation industry (Courtesy of the Jacksonville Business Journal) — Jax LNG is in the process of tripling its ability to produce liquefied natural gas. By the end of the year its 38-acre facility in the shadows of the Dames Point Bridge will be able to produce 360,000 gallons on a daily basis.

Jax LNG is a partnership between Pivotal LNG and NorthStar Midstream. Pivotal is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy GT&S – a company that operates natural gas pipelines as well as the only other LNG facility located on the water in the United States: Cove Point LNG near Lusby, Maryland.

Pivotal Vice President Tim Delay said the Jax LNG facility serves Tote Maritime and UPS as well as other clients in the maritime and trucking industries. The next frontier for the fuel, said Delay and James McPherson Jr., is to have LNG fuel vessels headed toward space. 

McPherson is Pivotal’s Director of LNG operations for its facilities in Jacksonville; Trussville, Alabama and Wyalusing, Pennsylvania. In the three years since the Jax LNG facility opened, McPherson said, the industry has undergone rapid adoption of the gas to fuel vessels and vehicles.

“For energy as a whole, in the early part of my career coal and nuclear were the drivers,” McPherson said. “That started to shift. You have a major shift in the discovery of vast resources in Utica and Marcellus regions. There was a great shift to natural gas.”

Photo courtesy of Sophie Jonas