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How ParkerVision Technology Helped Us Survive The Pandemic (Courtesy of the Associated Press) — When the 2020 COVID pandemic forced us to work remotely, it was technology in the form of wireless chips that made all that possible. Zoom calls, FaceTime and WiFi enabled us to have business meetings, send important business documents and continue doing business the best we could from our homes or other remote locations. And it was ParkerVision, an innovative developer of patented proprietary radio-frequency technologies used in advanced wireless solutions, that created the foundation for the cellular and WiFi wireless transceiver chips broadly used today.

Go back to the 1990s and think about how difficult, or even impossible, it would have been to work remotely using your cell phone, a cell phone that would only send and receive voice calls. No internet on your phone, no WiFi and no texting. Even the early texting involved tapping the numbers on your phone that corresponded to letters to form a text, wow!

It was also in the late 1990s that ParkerVision began working on improving radio frequency (RF) technology, radio signals in cell phones that carry and process communications transmission. At that time communications via RF technology was very limited in bandwidth and consumed a lot of power. ParkerVision helped changed that by inventing Energy Transfer Sampling technologies, also known as Direct to Data or D2D. These ParkerVision patented D2D technologies resulted in the development of RF chips that use inexpensive materials, require less circuitry, consume little power, yet process data faster, and are used in today’s applications such as streaming video via Smartphones, laptops and WiFi devices. Translation… it’s D2D technology that helped us work remotely during the pandemic, and it’s continuing to help us today.

“The ParkerVision wireless chip technologies that we developed, provide the highest performance with the smallest form factor, the lowest power consumption and the greatest reliability needed for the transmitter and receiver to send and receive messages,” said Jeffrey Parker, ParkerVision Chairman and CEO. “ParkerVision has always held the long-term belief that wireless technologies and communications are critical to the future of an ever-modernizing society. In this case, with the COVID pandemic, it was critical to help keep businesses functioning via reliable wireless technologies.”

During the past 25 years ParkerVision has refined its patented technologies for wireless computer chips and as a result has improved the communications experience for individuals and businesses around the world.