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Manufacturing Day 2021 Celebrates the Makers (Courtesy of Industry Week) — Here’s a small fraction of how the manufacturing community was promoting a vibrant, ever-changing industry on October 1.

Manufacturing Day (on October 1) is that one day a year specifically set aside to promote modern manufacturing to students, parents and educators. Of course, efforts to showcase manufacturing as a rewarding career continue throughout the month–and even throughout the year in some cases, but this day leads that charge. 

As the following “Tweet article” shows, many manufacturers, educational institutions and other supporters of manufacturing made noise today. While the pandemic may have muted onsite visits in many cases, there were virtual tours and educational opportunities aplenty, coupled with shout-outs to the employees of today, who are vital to making manufacturing go in the here and now. 

IndustryWeek is a strong supporter of Manufacturing Day, and we are pleased to show what we recognize is just a tiny fraction of what the manufacturing community was up to on October 1. It’s a strong, vibrant industry, as the following Tweets illustrate.  

Click here to see the full article and all the tweets.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Davis.