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New distribution facility in works at Jacksonville’s executive airport (Courtesy of the Jacksonville Business Journal) — Should event proceed as planned, the Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport will be home to another of the city’s growing number of warehouses and distribution facilities.

Seefired Properties will be constructing the facility on land leased from the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

JAA issued a request for interest in October 2020 to see who might be interested in leasing the land near Atlantic Boulevard for non-aeronautical development. Of the respondents, Seefried provided the preferred pitch.

Seefried is an industrial real estate company specializing in land acquisition and entitlement, leasing and project management.

JAA filed the site plan application in June for the land, which is slightly more than 1.9 acres. Part of the plan includes construction of a road near Atlantic and Sutton Lake boulevards — specifically between the Acura and Land Rover dealerships — to be named Blue Angel Road, which will provide access to the site.

For the road, the application notes there’s a limited right-of-way, but that the engineers ran the road design by Chris LeDew, the city of Jacksonville’s chief of traffic engineering, and John Kolczynski, who reviews traffic-related civil construction plans for the city. It received preliminary approval in May.

The development goes by the name Project Buckley and comes with extensive parking, according to the plans drawn up by Kimley-Horn.

“The project is currently securing the necessary permits, including those for the facility, the new roadway, improvements to General Doolittle Drive and modifications to the connection with Atlantic Boulevard designed to improve safety and efficiency at that intersection,” said Greg Willis, marketing and public relations manager for JAA.