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904 356-JOBS (5627) • Book an Appointment

Our Core Values

The things we do every day are grounded in some basic principles. These principles—the CareerSource NEFL Core Values—guide all of our actions and help us make decisions that are consistent and valuable to the organization.
  • Integrity. We will do the right thing, always.
  • Focus. We remain disciplined by paying constant attention to our vision, mission and goals.
  • Collaboration. We work as a team with people inside the organization and maintain important alliances with partners.
  • Diversity. We value people and realize that a broader range of perspectives generates better solutions.
  • Action. We get things done, efficiently and effectively, now.
  • Accountability. We take personal responsibility and do what is required to reach our goals, together.
  • Communication. We are honest and communicate openly throughout every level of the organization and with stakeholders.
  • Innovation. We constantly seek new and better ways to deliver services.
  • Excellence. We excel at what we do, striving for quality performance individually and as a team.
  • Leadership. We lead the way in implementing globally effective workforce development services by empowering our people to be leaders.


Northeast Florida will have a world-class workforce development system that enables our businesses to be leaders in the global economy.


Connecting workers to jobs. CareerSource NEFL provides innovative services that exceed employers’ requirements for the jobs of today and the future.


To achieve our vision, we have established clear goals. For each goal, we have articulated strategic imperatives that will guide us in reaching those goals.

Focus on the Customer.

Exceed the expectations of businesses through continuous operational and customer service improvement:
  • Create a high-performance internal culture
  • Develop services that help recruit and retain jobs in target industries
  • Facilitate the skills upgrade of today’s workers and the preparation of tomorrow’s workforce through programs such as Career Academies
  • Support the regional economy by helping improve per capita income
  • Leverage technology to deliver services more efficiently
  • Identify the right performance measures and meet or exceed them

Strength of Partnerships.

Create a seamless workforce development system that enhances economic development by aligning public and private stakeholders.
  • Ensure that workforce development activities are coordinated and help achieve economic development goals
  • Expand and enhance partnerships with business, education, economic development, community, and governmental organizations
  • Maintain continual communication with all partners and stakeholders

Leadership through Innovation.

Develop and implement Innovative services by identifying, understanding and reporting on current and future trends, opportunities and revenue channels:
  • Identify and secure flexible alternative revenue sources to support research capabilities and supplement funding for day-today operations
  • Forecast future customer needs and actively seek new and innovative ways to develop the workforce required to meet those needs
  • Research and study best practices in workforce development and implement appropriate practices in Northeast Florida
  • Monitor, measure and communicate successes to strengthen awareness, improve image and create new opportunities