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Permits issued for almost $1 million more in project costs for JAX LNG expansion (Courtesy of the Jacksonville Daily Record) — The city issued another almost $1 million in permits Sept. 23 for the JAX LNG expansion in North Jacksonville.

Those permits, totaling $955,816, bring the approved project costs to more than $9.2 million since Aug. 20.

Owners of JAX LNG LLC said in May the company will triple liquefaction and double liquid storage capacity by 2022 at the liquefied natural gas facility at 9225 Dames Point Road along the St. Johns River.

G.A. West & Co. Inc. of Creola, Alabama, is the contractor for all of the 14 permits.

The three permits issued Sept. 23 comprise expansion of the power generation building to accommodate an additional generator; a transformer foundation and steel; and foundations for the LNG trench.

The city issued six permits Aug. 30 for $4.27 million and five permits Aug. 20 for $4 million toward the expansion.

Those first 11 permits included trench and pipe foundations and steel framing to hold industrial equipment, and concrete foundations for process modules and equipment.

Richmond, Virginia-based Pivotal LNG Inc. announced the expansion May 6. It said liquid natural gas storage at the site will increase from 2 million to 4 million gallons and liquefaction will rise to 360,000 gallons per day.

The JAX LNG expansion will support a long-term liquid natural gas supply agreement with “a major maritime company for its dual-fueled ships,” the release said. 

According to JAX LNG’s website, the facility is a supplier for TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico’s dual-fuel container vessels.

The JAX LNG facility, whose first phase was completed in 2018, was built as a joint project between Pivotal and NorthStar Midstream.

It was the first small-scale waterside LNG production facility in the U.S. with both marine and truck-loading capabilities, according to the release.

Pivotal LNG said in May that Salof Ltd. started construction of the liquefaction expansion, and the company is working with Matrix Service Co. Inc. subsidiaries to build the additional storage terminals. 

After the JAX LNG expansion is complete, Pivotal’s LNG assets will reach more than 470,000 gallons per day of production capacity and a storage capacity of about 9 million gallons at its three facilities in Alabama, Florida and Pennsylvania, according to the release.

Photo courtesy of Bulk Transporter